Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Strategy: High Monthly Down Payments

This technique is a variation of "Contract or Wrap-Around Mortgage".

Usually a contract sale requires at least a token down payment to show good faith of the real estate investor and put a little cash into the pocket of the seller.

Sometimes a hefty down is required, in which case funds have to be "cranked" out of the real estate property or a cash partner must be brought in.

What if the real estate investor has nothing at all to put down except an income that gives him the ability to make monthly payments of several hundred dollars toward the purchase of a piece of real estate property ?

Perhaps the seller would permit him to purchase the real estate property now and make high monthly payments over a couple of years until a mutually acceptable down payment had been constitute.

It never hurts to ask.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Satisfy all five of the senses with VN Pancakes.

Vietnamese pancakes a sensory dining experience.

Saigon Businessman Magazine Pancakes are popular around the world, including in Vietnam, where the local version is known as banh xeo.

Banh xeo shares a number of common features with Japan’s okonomiyaki, Korea’s jijimi, India’s masala dosa and the crepes that are widely eaten for breakfast in America and Europe.

Unlike Western-style pancakes which focus on sumptuous topping, such as ham, bacon, cheese and honey, Asian pancakes are a harmonious combination of vegetables, meat and seafood.

Although fried, the crispy banh xeo are considered a healthy treat.

The crunchy crispy crepes are usually filled with pork, prawns, bean sprouts and chopped spring onions. They are eaten with lettuce and a sweet vinegary chili fish sauce.

To make the batter, flour is mixed with water, coconut milk, finely-sliced spring onions and turmeric.

About one third of a cup of batter is poured into a heated oiled frying pan. The yellow batter is then spread to create a thin, round pancake.

Toppings, including stir-fried pork, prawns and a handful of bean sprouts, are placed on the pancake while it’s still cooking. After a few minutes, the cake is folded in half to make a semi-circle, then served with lettuce and fish sauce.

Banh xeo is considered a flexible dish as the toppings can be varied according to personal preference and what’s in season.

Besides the most common toppings of pork, prawn, bean sprouts and boiled green beans, beef, seafood and mushrooms can also be added to banh xeo.

The pancakes are prepared differently throughout the country. Central Vietnamese are fond of a thicker and smaller banh xeo, with a diameter of 10 to 15 centimeters.

Southerners, however, prefer their banh xeo to be paper-thin, crispy, bigger in size and less oily. The secret to extra-thin cake is a deep frying pan and a quick wrist to coat the frying pan with the batter before it starts to cook.

Eating the cake is a messy but enjoyable process. The diner wraps a piece of the freshly cooked banh xeo in lettuce and dips it in the sweet chili fish sauce. The combination of the crispy texture of the banh xeo, the rich taste of the toppings, complemented by fresh vegetables and the sweet and sour fish sauce make a memorable dining experience for people of all ages and nationalities.

The excitement of banh xeo lies in the way the pancake is prepared - the sizzling sound when the batter is poured into the hot pan, the smell of the batter as it cooks and the mixture of the yellow batter, the green spring onions and the red shrimp.

The pancakes are eaten by hand, the better to enjoy the crispy, fresh taste.

Altogether, the experience of eating banh xeo is said to satisfy all five of the senses.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vietnam Legislators favor lifting of housing limits for Viet Kieu

Is it possible to own Real Estate in Vietnam ? Read on . . .

Many National Assembly deputies feel every Viet Kieu, or overseas Vietnamese citizen, has the right to own more than one home in
Vietnam and deserve rights to their houses that equal that of local residents.

The debate continued Tuesday over draft amendments to the Housing Law and Land Law that could expand house ownership rights in Vietnam for overseas Vietnamese.

Several deputies said the right of overseas Vietnamese to buy houses should not be limited, so that an open environment for property trading is created and that there is equality between them and local residents.

“We suggest that the National Assembly (NA) considers allowing overseas Vietnamese to have the same rights as locals when it comes to buying houses,” said deputy Pham Xuan Thuong.

Thuong said the nation’s constitution and Citizenship Law states that every Vietnamese citizen living abroad but holding Vietnamese citizenship deserves the same rights and shares the same responsibilities as local residents.

Tran Thi Dung, meanwhile, said the expansion will contribute to improving the investment environment, and encourage Vietnamese expatriates to return home and serve the cause of nation building.

The current Housing Law, which took effect in 2006, allows only certain categories of Viet Kieu to own houses.

These include: individuals with permanent resident status in Vietnam; those doing long-term business in Vietnam; those recognized as contributing to national development; scientists and cultural experts wanting to conduct research in Vietnam for national development; or individuals who have resided in Vietnam for 6 months or more.

The draft amendment broadens the categories to allow any Viet Kieu with Vietnamese citizenship to buy houses here. It would also grant home ownership privileges to overseas Vietnamese currently working in Vietnam with special skills deemed necessary to meet domestic demand; those that currently have a Vietnamese visa exemption and permission to reside in Vietnam for 3 months or more; or those having a Vietnamese spouse currently living and owning a house here.

Ngo Duc Manh, vice chairman of the NA’s Committee for External Affairs, said many Vietnamese expatriates want to maintain strong links with their homeland and that allowing more Viet Kieu to buy houses in the country will facilitate their doing business in the homeland.

“If we recognize three million Vietnamese expatriates, especially those holding Vietnamese citizenship, as an integral part of our demography, we cannot discriminate against them,” said delegate Nguyen Ngoc Dao from Hanoi. “We have no right to limit anything, including the scope and number of beneficiaries, and house ownership rights.”

Some deputies also said the right of overseas Vietnamese to buy homes could create an open environment for property trading.

According to the draft amendments, overseas Vietnamese have the right to lease or authorize others to manage the house, and the land it stands on. However, they are not allowed to use the house as financial contribution or as a valued property in other deals.

Tran Du Lich proposed that Viet Kieu be granted the right to get compensation if the state revokes their land, while Tran Van Tan said Viet Kieu who own houses in Vietnam should be allowed to use the houses as collateral in deals under local laws.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

REO Asia Invitation

REO Asia is a Asian Real Estate Network that works with several agencies and brokers based around Asia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and in the United States. Our main offices are in Ho Chi Minh city (for Asian contacts) and Hawaii (for buyers all countries) and San Francisco, California for those interested in Mainland U.S. Real Estate. Thanks to its worldwide connections, REO Asia is a meeting point between the U.S.A., Asia and other countries.

Our objective is to create a platform that real estate agencies and constructors all around the world can use in order to increase their contractual power and volume of business.

We have developed a global platform that allows searching for every kind of property within our networks.

We are able to guarantee a real time transaction. REO Asia provides full visibility to all of the real estate offers and demands coming from and directed to our Agencies, Brokers, Masters or Area Managers. Our associates are constantly assisted and supported by our highly skilled experts during the negotiations. All transactions are escrowed and follow proper procedures for closure.

The affiliates within our consortium provide their real estate properties in our constantly updated database.

REO Asia offers two different operative formulas:

- REO Asia Agency: REO Asia Real Estate Office

- REO Asia NO-Office Agency: REO Asia Real Estate local representative (without office). This form of affiliation is revolutionary and would be the ideal choice for those who already own their business and want it to be more competitive at a worldwide level.

Our associates can manage the contacts coming from potential buyers freely and autonomously. They are free to make decisions about their selling policies or market strategies. They handle negotiations independently. They decide when, how and to whom to direct their attention.

The structure we provide for announcements and offers, is functional and practical within the current real estate market, since it has been designed to sell real estate properties simultaneously in your territory and abroad, directly from your office.

Being part of REO Asia, real estate agencies and developers can enjoy a full visibility and their contractual power would surely increase.

REO Asia has access to a MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in Hawaii and California which can be shared by real estate agents so that each one of them can offer to the possible customers, in all freedom, not only real estates of his exclusive competence, but also all those properties which are in the database above-mentioned and have the right to ask for a “courtesy commission”.

REO Asia is devoted to offer Reliability, Professionalism and SAFE Investment Opportunities and to Create Value for those who choose to sell their properties through our network.

We offer service after the sale for units in our locals such as construction, management services and fee rental collections along with legal services via our affiliate offices.

We are sure we are offering an excellent product that can contribute in increasing our affiliated members’ turnover as well as their commercial and contractual power at a worldwide level.

I do hope I have provided useful information and look for to your co-operation with us in our REO Asian Network soon. .

If you need further information, please, do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I am at your full disposal.

Please, let me know if you are interested in cooperating with us.

Your reply will be highly appreciated.


Sara M. Vernon

visit our site:

or email us at

Thank you.

Sara M. Vernon

Marketing and Communication Department
HCMC, Vietnam

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Earn a High Salary Speaking English with Children - Asia

Hi to all of you at this wonderful 2009 Chinese New Year.

Just a note to let you know, I am well and living my life in the manner I have chosen and enjoying it without reservation or regret. How about you ?

I am living in Asia, specifically in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam . Some have said, I am crazy, while others envy me. I arrived here in 1989 when things were at an all time low regarding the economy. Over the next nearly 20 years, I remained and watched the New Vietnam grow into a wonderful place to live and retire.

Again, some say, I am crazy and others say I am on to something but not sure. Well, nearly 20 years in-country, I have seen just about everything. Both Good, Bad, Foolish, Stupid and some I had rather not talk about, but all in all, I have survived and recieved my merit badge .

I am 60 years old, married to a wonderful Vietnamese lady of 25 and just had a baby girl named Sara.

You can see her at her video online site:

I live in a nice house, have a wonderful job and even play in the Import Export Trades in my free time. Get this, I even am able to save money, which the wife takes care of that and she has done a wonderful job of taking care of me too.

I eat well, live well, and enjoy my life more than I have ever done while living in the USA. Don't get me wrong, I love the USA but as all things change so have I and I have developed other needs as I have grown older.

I was once very rich and powerful in the Real Estate Marketing in California and made a lot of money and had a lot of friends but when I lost it, so did the friends. Well, I learned that I lived in a dream world and I wanted my safe reality, where I could find someone to stand by me and be there during the bad times too. I came to Asia and spent 2 decades bouncing back and forth and finally discovered a secret. That, I will share later on.

What have I learned, well it took me 20 years to learn the how and what, so it can not be said in just one sitting, therefore I have written this short message to share with you something that few know about.

While the economy throughout the world is in trouble and many losing their jobs, Vietnam is a place that seems not to have been over affected by the downturn of the world financial system downturn or at least not yet.

I have my own personal private company in the import-export business, which I play with part-time and marketing online as well.

But, now the secret. Many people are losing their jobs while people here are working all the hours they can possible can physically tolerate just talking with Children.

Some say it is teaching and they are given the title of teacher but most of them are just people who arrived here with other dreams and could not get it off the ground or survive and fell back on the one job in Vietnam that seems to never have enough teachers, speaking English with Children.

Therefore, the salary is higher than most and well above the salary levels most anyway would pray to have. Don't expect to come here and make 100,ooo a year but if you would like a modest income and have a lay back easy life style with great food and wonderful adventure then Vietnam could be the place for you.

Some people show up at a school with their CV and BA diploma and most of the time are hired immediately on the spot. Some with no BA degree and they get a job too but they start at the bottom of the salary range, with some clues found on this blog you will be able to enter at the top and keep your job when others are leaving theirs.

The salaries vary with the facility, so which one do you want to start at the bottom or the top ?

For example: at some English Training centers the salary is around 10 - 15 dollars an hour and up. At High Schools or Universities the salaries vary but most are much higher.

This is just because you are a English Speaking foreigner, how can it be easier than that ?

In the past, few paid taxes on this income but lately there seems to be a government effort to change that but as all things it will take time.

As for the currency, they pay both in US dollar or VN dong which can be exchanged for dollars.

There are some some details one must know about living and working in Vietnam but that is why I have set up this blog.

If I can survive nearly 20 years, severe health problems and even divorce and still be able to keep my sanity and health, then I must be doing something right.

Of course, I am me and you are you, but that is what makes Vietnam so perfect as it is a place for just about anyone to make their mark in life.

Teaching - No - Not teaching but talking with Vietnamese Children and getting paid for it is a interim method to survive, make money (even save money) and live well. What I like the most is the respect given by the Vietnamese towards teachers whether you be licensed or not. It is highly praised by this culture and however you enter the trade of Teaching, it is not considered, only that you do what you do well, speak English and do it with their children in a way that each will develop themselves as they progress.

In this posting, I will not go into the details of how to enter the Vietnam Employment market but for sure I will bring those details to all whom wish to experience the secret of Vietnam.

What I call "The Frontier of the Future".

Forget about all that you have heard or seen on TV and follow my blog and get it straight from someone who has lived here for nearly 2 decades.

The key idea, I would like to leave with you at this moment is that if by any chance you are not happy with your current job, lost your job or feel that your job is hanging by a thread and you would like to have something more reliable and earn enough, both to live and save, have fun helping children and also leave your mark in life, then by all means drop me a line and share with me your idea's about a job change and we can compare what I know and what you need and see if Vietnam is a place for you. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it, if they really want to.

Future Postings will be covered are listed below:

Job Introductions
Items to have before you leave the USA
Some Secrets that I have learned along the way

You may contact me at this site or if you wish for more confidentiality email me at or skype: vncservice

Remember, Asia is a wonderful place to live and explore but like all new places one must prepare to insure their success and that is what I hope to share with you in future posting messages.

Keep checking back or follow me on my twitter :

All comments welcome but please keep in mind, this is a public site and all that comment should show respect as I show to all of you. I could charge for this service, but like all things in life, one must give back or the circle is broken and life becomes worthless.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

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